Single Player Mall:

I was responsible for meshing the exterior of a Single Player map. In this scene I created a modular fountain set and foliage models and was responsible for all the meshing, lighting and post work.

Rampart: Multiplayer Level

Responsible for Re-Lighting, Re-Meshing and Post work. I worked on modifying and creating new materials to dramatically change the look of the map, made atmospheric effects and new meshes using texture sheets created for various diferent maps. I completely stripped the scene of it's old lighting and redid it to change the mood, look and feel of the level and remeshed areas to coincide and provide player callouts.

Haven: Multiplayer Level

Responsible for taking this level from whitebox to final art, including creating new foliage meshes, rocks and resuing old txture sheets to modify existing modular sets,lighting, meshing and final post work while working closely with gameplay and level design.